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Novark Nano Instant Pain Relief Drops

128 Reviews
  • 100% Herbal Formulation
  • Instant Relief within 5-10 Minutes
  • Prolong effect up to 72 Hours
  • 100% Stain free & Non-sticky Formula
  • It shows gradual improvements in Joints & muscle pain if used for 3 months
  • Use 1-2 pumps on affected site and rub till it gets absorbed for the best result



Novark Nano Instant Pain Relief Drops


This amazing new technology works fast & penetrate deep to alleviate your worst pain at its source. It isn’t something that puts you at risk of addiction. It’s a very unique way to eliminating any type of ache or pain by altering the energy of your cells. Treat yourself back, knee, elbow, shoulder and neck pain in minutes.



  • 100% AYURVEDIC


Back pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Sprains, Strains, Headache


Gently massage 1 to 2 pumps on the affected area for a few minutes until it gets absorbed. – Repeat it twice a day or as directed by Physician.


Now no one have to worry about chronic pain again. Our unique herbal natural solution is enough to penetrate the skin and get down to the root of the pain in your joints and muscles, for fast, cooling relief like you have never felt before. This is pure natural, non-toxic compounds that are proven to eliminate pain and even speed up the healing of injuries.

If you are desperate to eliminate your aching, throbbing pain, here’s all you need our scientifically proven formula which eliminates pain at its very source.


This unique formulations penetrates deep into the tissues and effectively delivers instant relief to aching joints and muscles – no matter what are you suffering from.


  • Move around entirely pain-free.
  • Reduces irritation and swelling around the affected area
  • Gives a cooling effect to the pain and treat the sore muscles and relieve joint aches
  • Helps to alleviate tissue discomfort and relax muscles
  • Get out of bed without sore muscles and stiff joints.
  • It stimulate blood circulation within stiff muscles and limbs
  • It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Enjoy your favorite activities without agony.
  • Play with your kids and grandkids with natural ease.

Our unique formulation is guaranteed to ensure that your pain is treated and eliminated at its source-LEAVING YOU FEELING LIKE YOU HAVE A NEW LEASE ON LIFE.

This is quite better pain relief formula than most harmful drugs in the market, providing more relief then any oral tablet could ever do.

You will feel the difference immediately with pain ease no longer effector in having the health you desire.


when applied, the drops spreads & absorb deep into the skin, and activates its ingredients to provide fast relief from pain with a calming effect.


For External use only. Keep out of reach of Children. Wash hands after application. If symptoms do not resolve within 7 days, seek medical advice. Keep away from Eyes, Mucous membranes and other sensitive parts of the body. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin. Do not apply if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients. Discontinue if any discomfort or irritation is experienced.


Store in a Cool Place. Do not Freeze


Rose Centifolia 4.0%W/W
Mentha arvensis 0.35%W/W
Caryophyllus aromaticus 0.05%W/W
Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0.15%W/W
Ocimum sanctum 0.10%W/W
Citrus medica var. arcida 0.20% W/W
Cedrus deodara roxb 0.10% W/W
Aqua (Minerals) 94.90% W/W
Sodium benzoate 0.1%W/W


Best Pain relief oil from Novark

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 8 cm


MFG DATE 01/2022
EXP DATE 12/2023

Latest reviews

  1. Kshitij lawate

    Best pain relief drops for knee pain. fully satisfied with resultof novark nano pain

  2. Priya Patel

    Best m best product. my mom was suffering from back pain since last 2 years. tried almost all doctors in my city but no result. only 1 use of this bottle shown 80% result in just 2 days.

  3. Anmol Singh

    really miracle. my 10 year old pain gone like a rocket speed. i am much happy.

  4. vijay Garg

    i am eye specialist in ahmedabad. i had severe knee pain. almost taking pain killer every 2 days. but since i have started using this pain relief drops, i am not taking any medicine.

  5. Leena Shah

    best pain relief product.

  6. Gurjit singh bajwa

    first of all, thanks for such a wonderful product. i used it for wrist pain and feels easy after using 4 times.

  7. Sunil Chawdhry

    sahi product hai, mataji ke ghutno me bahot rahat he.

  8. Anchal Tyagi

    good pain relief product.

  9. Vallabh Kandoriya

    Ayurvedic pain relief oil he so side effects ka tension nahi he, mene 1 week use kiya he aur result badhiya he.

  10. Karmendra Raol

    best pain reliever…

  11. Vasantbhai

    good result for back pain

  12. Ashish Gahlot

    impressive pain relief drops.

  13. Suraj singh Gurjar

    i used 2 product of novark and both are really good. i used nano pain and cofwell also

  14. Harsha Patel

    novark nano pain is best for knee pain

  15. Anand Sethi

    Good result in joint pain for my father

  16. Usman Sheikh

    fully satisfied

  17. Hoshedar Buhariwala

    worth every single penny

  18. Gulabkhan Pathan

    pain chala gaya 1 bottle use karke.

  19. Jeet Makwana

    Pros: Instant relief, effects stays for long time, after using 1 month pain relieved about 80%
    Cons: change pump of bottle, please bring dropper instead

  20. Panakj Malviya

    good result. pain relief in 7 minutes

  21. Bhavik Dhanani

    ultra quality pain oil

  22. Vinay Kumar

    My back pain has very much improvement

  23. Sunny Mehsaniya

    worked as promised!

  24. Navin Thakkar

    Bahuj saru parinam malyu chhe, badha e vaparvi joia

  25. Nainil Patel

    pain relief drops are awesome. never though of such amazing result.

  26. Chandan sinha

    Good result with novark pain oil. i delayed my knee replacement

  27. Ambica Industries

    Product is very good. pain relief fast

  28. Haresh Mulani

    Being a herbal pain relief product, it is unbelievable result. cant believe it…

  29. Mohammad Faiz

    good pain product

  30. Arvind Oza

    best for my knee pain

  31. Janmesh Patel

    My mom feeling better after using is pain relief drops

  32. Bhanuben

    my back pain is fine after using this

  33. Ankit bajpai

    Excellent product, must buy for pain

  34. sheetal sahu

    it gave me permanent solution after using 2 bottles of novark nano pain relief drops

  35. Nirmal Joshi

    pefect pain relief product for severe pain

  36. Farukh Shaikh

    your pain product is very useful

  37. Dhruv Gupta

    This pain relief oil is amazing

  38. Anu Nair

    given best result for my elbow pain

  39. Vigneshwaran A

    Works quicker

  40. Sandhya Prakash

    very very long lasting effect. i used this pain relief oil for neck pain before 1 week and still no pain.

  41. Sagar Khatri

    due to computer work my neck was constantly in pain. after using this pain drops, it gets relaxed.

  42. Loknath Mukherjee

    Powerful pain relief oil

  43. Virendra Sharma

    Great pain relief oil

  44. Bharti Chetwani

    tremendous result of novark nanopain

  45. Sudhanshu Gupta

    I really got permanent pain relief in L4 L5 back Pain

  46. Dipti Modi

    you guys should make this pain relief available in medical stores. this product must reach to everyone.

  47. Bhavik Parmar

    product is good but rate is high.

  48. Ashish Vani

    Overall good pain relief product

  49. Preet Sood

    Nice product

  50. Priyank Patel

    Must buy for knee pain treatment

  51. Deep Variya

    Works for my grandmother heavy pain problem

  52. Piyush Kharbanda

    Satisfied result

  53. Ashish Patel

    Relief as expected. Buying more in future.

  54. Mittal Thakkar

    Product is good, result is also good but please make a fast delivery or make it available in local market instead of just online

  55. Pravin Bhai Purohit

    good medicine

  56. Kaushal Rana

    Totally effective. pain relief done

  57. Pankaj Barot

    working well, packaging improve please

  58. Gagan Sinh

    good relief after using 2 times

  59. Ajay Khullar


  60. Prabhat Aggarwal

    You can try atleast once, it will give good result

  61. Patel Neha

    super pain oil

  62. Bishwas Roy


  63. Trushti Ahuja

    This is best pain relief brand.

  64. Vishal Shah

    sanjeevani for severe pain relief

  65. Babu Chaudhary

    Very well pain drops

  66. Vrinda Koli

    I think everyone having backpain should use this novark nano pain oil

  67. Satish Patel

    I had neckpain, used this pain oil only 2 times and its fine now

  68. Parasji Rajpurohit

    super hit pain relief

  69. Gurudayal Singh

    complete neck pain relief in just 2 uses only

  70. Mukesh Kumar

    Good relief in knee but slight low effect in ankle pain. however its good.

  71. Vijay Narang

    really super product

  72. Kinjal suthar

    useful thing

  73. Rajubhai Patel

    Expensive but worth of money

  74. Siddharth Davara

    This Pain relief spray is very good for my father.

  75. Ganesh Mohan bansode

    Very much effective pain drop. Thanks

  76. Sathyabharat

    Pain gone in 2 days only after applying this nano pain drops

  77. Uttaresh Raut

    Fully satisfied from this pain relif product

  78. Sandip Jambukiya

    Good result

  79. Ravi das

    Product is extremely good for joint pain but moderate result in shoulder pain.

  80. Jay Ruparel

    works for my father. very effective till date.

  81. Bhimani Shelav

    I like this product

  82. Vihita Damor

    Result is good. quantity is less. I feel that quantity must me atleast 30 ml.

  83. Chirag Gondaliya

    I thanks this product. My mother was suffering back ache since last 3 years. was taking pain killers everyday. since started using this pain relief drops, she didnt take any pain killers. she can sleep very easily. she apply this drops every 3-4 days so one bottle can last for atleast 2 months so value for money for me.

  84. Ritika Vadhvani

    Result oriented product

  85. Anil Trivedi

    very very great result in neck pain from first use itself.

  86. Preet Mehta

    Super duper result

  87. Divyesh Vala

    Pain relief is good.

  88. Somi Shah

    Highly effective

  89. Dirgh Patel

    Pain oil is good but delivery got late.

  90. Babitha Kannan

    i got good pain relief

  91. Bahadur chauhahn

    excellent pain product

  92. Jivanbhai

    Mara knee ma bau j saru result malyu chhe. hu badhane e j kahish ke ek var jarur try karo.

  93. Rakesh Kumavat

    Product is good but rate is quite high.

  94. Dhrumil Vij

    what a product! just cant believe.. superb

  95. Rajan Gosai

    Amazing effect in back pain

  96. Lalji Patel

    Good relief in knee pain

  97. Shriya Varia

    My father was using pain killers almost everyday, after using this pain relief drops he stop taking pain killers. though this is quite costly but worth of every penny.

  98. Kamal Gupta

    giving result in neck pain in single application only

  99. Dipak bhondava

    good for my mother. she is happy

  100. Pinal Ukani

    fully satisfied result

  101. Kripali upadhyay

    worldclass pain relief product

  102. Meet Desai

    Best result in back pain. only things to improve in pump of bottle.

  103. Jignesh Mevadiya

    Really happy with results

  104. Devika Rami

    Very helpful for knee pain

  105. Hitva Patel

    Good solution for pain in knee

  106. Reema Prajapati

    my father has so much relief by using this pain drops

  107. Bharat Soni

    super pain relief

  108. Akshay Singh

    much effective pain drops

  109. Vijay Sarthi

    very very good medicine for pain

  110. Tulsi Shah

    I am thankful to novark for this medicine. i am very much happy with this.

  111. Rinit Vohra

    very beneficial for my shoulder pain

  112. Subhash Patel

    sahi parinam deta he

  113. Bansidhar Dviwedi

    My pain relief in just 1 day of use

  114. Reena Goyal

    very best for my waist pain

  115. Jani Vishal

    Rate is high but product is worth or money

  116. Sachin Shah

    pain relieved after 1 bottle of use, doctor asked for surgery but now no need.

  117. virendra gautham

    ultra super pain relief

  118. Jaimin Gandhi

    works perfect for my mother in back pain

  119. Nilesh Bodhiwala

    I have received 2+1 free. Thanks Novark

  120. Jagtap Sinha

    Best product for pain problems

  121. Uday Sinh

    it works and smell is really good

  122. Amit Gawde

    instant relief and effect keeps for 3-4 days. worth of money

  123. Nitesh Patel

    i got complete relief in 2 days.

  124. Narayan Shanmugam

    Feeling very relax by this pain oil

  125. Biren Sahu

    impressive effect in shoulder pain

  126. Shivam Malik

    great product really super

  127. Kirit Solanki

    Pain is remove instantly. 10/10 from me for this pain oil.

  128. Gunvant Patel

    khubaj saru result ave chhe

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Novark Nano Instant Pain Relief Drops

(128 Reviews)
  • 100% Herbal Formulation
  • Instant Relief within 5-10 Minutes
  • Prolong effect up to 72 Hours

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